Edhay in Thailand -Arabic(Royal & Regular Cinema)

Cast : Ahmed Saleh, Hassan Hosny, Saoud Al Darmaki, Rabie Taha,Toddy
Director :Rakan

Genre :Comedy
Rating : G

About the movie :
Edhay travels as a translator to Thailand with his family and his close friend Hosni, for a relaxing vacation and medical check-up. Out of good will, Edhay finds himself in many humorous situations and receives lots of beatings since he does not speak good enough English to be a translator. To make things worse his family is kidnapped by a Thai gang under mysterious circumstances, so Hosni and Edhay start planning to set the family free, with lots of comedy, thrills and laughter.

Theatre :

Dalma Mall

Regular : 13:40, 18:45, 23:40

Deerfields Mall

Regular : 14:00, 19:00, 23:45